FIA arrests three members of hawala hundi gang

By comment user Apr7,2024

DG KHAN: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested three members of an organized hawala-hundi gang from Dera Ghazi Khan, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The FIA spokesperson reported today that the apprehended individuals identified as Ali Haider, Muhammad Khan, Abdul Aziz and substantial amount of Rs59 lac, Debt card, cheque books and mobile phones was also seized from the suspects possession.

Earlier, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) claimed to have arrested a total of seven individuals, including four wanted culprits, allegedly involved in human trafficking and operating illegal money exchange business.

As per FIA spokesperson, revealed that the individuals were arrested from different cities across the country including Multan, DG Khan, and Bahawalpur.

The FIA spokesperson reported that the apprehended individuals were found to be in possession of a substantial amount of local currency, exceeding Rs 1 million in cash, while a significant sum of foreign currency, amounting to 4562 Saudi Riyals, was also seized from the suspects.

The FIA has vowed to continue its efforts to root out such unlawful practices and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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