Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has taken strict notice of the increasing complaints of overbilling of protected consumers and ordered legal action against the officers and staff involved in it.

According to a statement, the minister issued directions to all Directors of FIA to immediately redress the injustice being faced by consumers using up to 200 units. He strictly prohibited the inclusion of protected consumers in the non-protected category, terming it a criminal act that would not be tolerated.

Mr Naqvi ordered FIA to review the entire situation and take action against those responsible without any discrimination. He reiterated that adding protected consumers to the list of non-protected consumers was unacceptable under any circumstance.

The interior minister further said that the overbilling had put an additional burden of millions of rupees on the consumers, and protected consumers, who were already facing difficulties, had been further affected. He emphasized that the overbilling complaints and injustices faced by protected consumers must be addressed immediately.