Five brothers arrested by Larkana police

NAUNDERO: Larkana police raided the house of a police official here on Sunday, arresting the policeman, his 4 brothers along with a nephew.

Police officers from different police stations of Larkana district conducted a surprise raid on several police mobile at the house of the former city patrol incharge of Naundero police station, Ali Dino Memon, and arrested himself and his brothers Shaukat Memon, Waheed Memon, Arshad Memon, Ameer Memon and nephew Sagar Memon without knowledge of the Naundero police which remained completely unaware of this great action by their colleagues.

Their aged woman Shahzadi Memon protested and said that they were sleeping inside the house when the police entered the house like bandits and harassed the women and children by making them targets of violence and broke the CCTV cameras. She said that my son is also in the police force and the sanctity of the boundary has been massively violated by those whose job is to protect it at all costs. She appealed that the higher authorities of the police should take immediate notice of such a police torture and highhandedness and take action against the raiding officials and release her five innocent sons.

On the other hand, when the SHO of Naundero police station Obaidur Rahman Dharejo was contacted he said that I have no information about the police raid and we have not been given any prior information.

However, till the latest information, the arrest of the arrested police official including his brothers and nephew has not been revealed anywhere, nor has the reason been given in which case they have been whisked away. It must be mentioned here that recent cases of robberies and other heinous crimes have increased a sense of deprivation and panic among the local residents who feel unprotected.