Five cops made captive by prisoners in Larkana jail


LARKANA: Five jail cops were made captive by the prisoners after Central Prison authorities refused a meeting of a mother with her prisoner son.

A video of the captive cops became viral on social media in which they accused their boss Jail Superintendent Ashfaque Kalwar and cop Dargahi Kalhoro of having made their jobs extremely difficult and inmates are also facing difficulties. The captive cops claimed that prisoners who made them captive were giving them utmost respect and did not torture them.

Prisoners Bashir Shabrani, Riaz Chandio, Karam Chandio, and others in their audio message alleged that when mother of one of the inmates Mooso Langah, who has been awarded punishment of eight hangings in various murder and other cases, came to see her son but she was refused meeting due to which Mooso started crying. They alleged that cops put water into the nostrils of the prisoner, tortured him and locked him up in a barrack which was unjust and inhumane. They said their protests have borne no result so far.

They further revealed that Jail Superintendent was also not obeying the decision of MPA Mir Nadir Magsi which he made a few days ago. They claimed that they should be given facilities according to the jail manual but added those who were demanding it were subjected to torture.

However, mobile phones, contraband goods, drugs and other banned items are alleged to be available inside the jail which urgently need operation clean up by vigorous agencies to make the prison safe, residents have demanded.

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