Five killed, four injured in Tehran gas cylinder explosion

LARKANA: Five people were killed and four others injured in a gas cylinder explosion in the house of Munir Pitafi in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

According to a Hassan Raza Pitafi, the dead include two sons, 19-year-old Ghulam Raza, 16-year-old Muharram Ali, and three daughters of Hassan Raza, six-year-old Pathani Khatun, three-year-old Umm Farwah and newborn Shireen. The injured women and a young man were shifted to a hospital for treatment.

On receiving the sad news of the incident, a wave of mourning hit their village Razi Pitafi located near Larkana. Hassan Raza Pitafi, the father of the deceased children who arrived here a few days back, said that they had been living in Iran for the past 25 years and worked in garment factories there.

He said that two sons of my brother-in-law Munir Patafi had died, whose bodies will be brought from Iran to his village Razi Pitafi after two days and the expenditure will be borne by the Iranian government. He said that there was mourning atmosphere in our homes and the government of Iran was cooperating with them in bringing back the bodies of the deceased.