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Five samples of suspected virus cases sent to Karachi

April 9, 2020

LARKANA:Five samples, including three of doctors, an influential person and the pregnant suspected woman of corona virus named Waheeda, who was operated last night at Shaikh Zayed Hospital, was taken on Thursday and sent to Karachi for analysis through collection point of a private hospital.

Since post-graduate doctors are not allegedly performing their government duties at the Chandka Medical College Hospital and Shaikh Zayed Women Hospital for fear of COVID-19 hence she was declared suspected by post-graduate student lady doctors on Wednesday who refused to operate her without provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). A patients admitted in CMCH Medical Unit-III refused to give swab for testing as well, credible sources said. Another doctor alleged that head of departments of three units of Paeds Medicine Department, popularly known Children Hospital, are also not discharging their duties after the outbreak of Corona Virus and all the indoor children including newborns are provided medical treatment by the CMCH doctors.

Meanwhile, lockdown was observed here on Thursday and large number of police were posted on all major roads and roundabouts. Towns and villages still continue to remain neglected as the residents in these areas have no fear of the virus despite massive awareness campaign by the government through media.

The residents come out of their homes mostly without face masks, three people riding a bike, purchase vegetables and groceries without observing social distancing. Police randomly visit bazaars and force the shopkeepers to close down their business to save precious lives and disperse people but poverty and unemployment are forcing them to do their trade secretly to earn livelihood not only for themselves but also for labour that work at their shops on daily wages basis.

Those shops remain opened day and at night which are located in various localities and Muhalla and they continue to violate lockdown orders. Worst affected are the children who have been confined to their homes since last 18 days without have seen outside world. They force their parents and uncles to take them out even just for a walk or to buy ice cream etc but they are forced to remain at home due to which they start crying loudly. Parents have been seen praying for end of the deadly virus and lockdown.

On the other hand, one of the doctors of Task Force for Corona Virus complained of insulting behaviour of the police when they are leaving their homes for performing their emergency government duties in the morning. The doctor sent SMS to this Scribe which was forwarded to SSP Masood Bangash and DIGP Irfan Ali Baloch. Both the police officers immediately took notice of the negligence on the part of policemen deployed at various roads and telephonically contacted the relevant doctor, inquired about the details from him and assured him of their full support. They also told him that such act of relevant cops will never by tolerated and those found involved will also be taken to task.

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