Flour prices hiked in Lahore

LAHORE: Flour prices have jacked up on Saturday for the eighth time in the span of two months in Lahore, according to a report on Saturday.

As per details, the prices of flour have skyrocketed in Lahore while the commodity was not available in most shops across the province. The price of 1kg bag has increased by Rs 10 in the provincial capital Lahore and is now being sold at Rs 160.

The shortage and increased prices of wheat have caused the hike in flour prices. The prices are now increasing on daily basis. Earlier, the prices of flour reached an all-time high in several cities of Pakistan as the flour crisis worsens. The prices of flour touched record highs, selling at Rs. 150 per kg in Lahore, Sukkur, and Peshawar due to the worse flour crisis due to the shortage of wheat in Punjab.

Due to the suspension of wheat supply from Punjab, the price of a 20 kg bag of flour in Peshawar has increased to Rs 3,000. Despite the wheat price fixed at Rs 3,000 per maund, the Punjab government supplied wheat to flour mills at Rs 2,200 per maund.