KARACHI: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) President Ashfaq Hussain Shah says the footballers should think about playing football and stay away from politics.


Recently, sidelined PFF Normalization Committee official has warned players against featuring in PFF-arranged upcoming football events.


Shah is at loggerheads with PFF Normalization Committee, which was placed by world football body FIFA to run the PFF with the main mandate to hold federation’s elections following power struggle between different factions a couple of years ago.


Shah-led group, which won the last elections under the Supreme Court supervision, initially gave in the reigns of the federation to the FIFA established Normalization Committee but after waiting 18 months for elections, which the latter failed to hold, it forcibly took over the PFF headquarters, the Football House in Lahore.


“We waited for 18 months for elections. That was enough. There was no will to hold elections,” Shah told PPI. The Shah-led PFF setup has recently announced football activities calendar with U-23 tournament scheduled for next month.


“It is shameful to intimidate footballers from featuring in football events. They already have had meager opportunities to play the game,” Shah said. He added that footballers should play whenever they get opportunity and stay away from federation politics.


“They need not to take sides,” he said. “Our footballers already don’t get to play enough. Most of the football events are organized be private sector. There have not been enough events organized by the federation,” he lamented.