FPCCI leadership accused of violating job merit


KARACHI: The United Business Group (UBG) on Saturday alleged FPCCI leadership for violating merit and appointing blue-eyed on hefty salaries which had pushed apex chamber under financial stress.

The resources of FPCCI should not be wasted, otherwise, this leading representative body of the business community may go bankrupt soon, it said in a statement. UBG Secretary Information and former FPCCI Vice President Mirza Ikhtiar Baig said in a statement that the Businessmen Panel was pleasing its elected and non-elected members wasting millions.

One of the elected leaders of FPCCI has appointed two Additional Secretary Generals for Karachi and Lahore office against a monthly salary of nine hundred thousand rupees with fringe benefits, he claimed.

“Similarly, another leader got his relative appointed as Manager Marketing on a salary package of one hundred and fifty thousand rupees while thirteen more had been appointed in different departments violating merit, seniority, and HR rules,” he informed.

He informed that some senior officials had been fired without any justification while the seniority of others had been disturbed to favor cronies resulting in frustration. The steps of the FPCCI leaders have resulted in in a great deal of frustration, disappointment, and suffocation among the staff of the apex chamber and it has pushed up the salary graph to almost to Rs10 million per month.

On the other hand, he said, while the expanses are skyrocketing, the finances of FPCCI are shrinking due to mismanagement which may leave this institution bankrupt if an immediate intervention was ignored by the authorities.

He said that the ruling group in FPCCI has resorted to oblige non-elected members by allocating them an office in the FPCCI capital office illegal and sheer violation of rules which is an exploitation of all the resources including the human resources.

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