Gang robbed Sikh pilgrims in Lahore busted: Police

LAHORE: Lahore police has claimed to have busted the gang of robbers who had looted some Sikh pilgrims in Gulberg few days back on Tuesday.

SP Organized Unit Aftab Ahmed, talking to media said that ringleader of the gang Shahrukh, Rehana Shahrukh and Mohammad Irfan have been arrested.

“The accused have confessed in interrogation that they were working for foreign agencies,” SP claimed. “The incident was orchestrated to degrade our foreign relations,” police official said.

The uniform and other crime items have been recovered from accused,” police officer said.

“The accused have confessed that they had to inform the foreign secret agency after committing a crime,” SP said.

Police officer said that the accused have also confessed that they used to commit a crime with Sikh pilgrims and flee from scene on the instructions of a foreign secret agency.

“They used to commit crime with foreign victims in pretext of search and security clearance,” SP Aftab Ahmed further said.

“The accused will be brought to justice with strict punishments,” he added.

The suspects had disguised themselves as police personnel when they stopped a Sikh family who had arrived here to participate in the celebrations of Baba Guru Nanak Dev’s birth anniversary and took away cash and jewelry from them.