Gastro cases continue to emerge across Larkana

LARKANA: Gastro cases continue to emerge in and around Larkana as 200 children were admitted in the ChiledLife Care Centre on Friday which is located in Paeds Medicine Department of Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH).

This was disclosed by the Centre Dr. Abdullah Chandio when newsmen contacted him. The affected children include 7-year Rasheed, 6-years Hina Thebo of Lalu Raunk, 2-year Haneefan Bhutto of Larkana, 4-year Samad of New Tower area of Larkana and others.

He said due to climate change and sizzling hot weather gastro is spreading fast among the children of Larkana and other areas including villages. He said the children were brought to the emergency ward where only 100 cases can be admitted. He said after treatment most of them are discharged on improvement.

Meanwhile, OPD of the CMCH Paeds Medicine departments has also increased from the usual 750 to 1700 on Wednesday, 2100 patients on Thursday, 950 on Friday and most of the children are suffering from diarrhea and high grade fever.