Gastro emerges in Naundero region

NAUNDERO: Gastrointestinal patients increase after an increase in heat intensity, with more than 30 patients registering at 100-bed Government Hospital OPD daily in Naundero here on Tuesday.


The patients with acute heat and gastro-intensive complaints are being treated at the hospital or emergency patients are referred to the Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) for further management which is 22 kilometres away from here. A heat stroke ward was also created for the patients affected patients. The doctors appealed to the public to avoid the use of open food items to protect children and themselves from the heat.


The gastro-spread in Naundero and the surrounding areas has been steadily rising since the weather department issued a severe summer heat warning, causing 4 gastroenteritis patients at the Government Hospital to be admitted to the hospital. Three patients were shifted to CMCH for further treatment and 23 patients were provided treatment. The admissions included 3 children namely Minhal, Osama and Yasra, while Shabana, 30, was admitted to the hospital due to intensity of gastroenteritis.


Medical Superintendent Dr. Ghazanfar Khokhar, who was present at the hospital, said that after the Meteorological Department issued the alert, a heat stroke ward was established in the hospital and medicines were given to the patients due to the intense heat. Dr. Ayaz Shaikh, paediatrician, said that children trade open objects such as watermelons, apricots, snowflakes, Kulfi, etc., on which bees attack, and their germs attack and infect infants. To protect those who are exposed, they should be prevented from using open food, he added.


Dr Zulfiqar Junejo said parents should refrain from sending children out because children also suffer from gastro-intestinal tract, which requires maximum caution. Dr Junejo further said that doctors have appealed to the public to keep them out of the house and to prevent the children from going out unnecessarily and to avoid using open food items.