Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori visited an injured camel, a victim of cruelty in Sanghar, at the CDRS Animal Shelter Home in Malir on the second day of Eid. The shelter’s administration warmly received the governor.

Governor Tessori personally fed the camel, which he named “Kamy.” The shelter staff briefed him on the care and treatment being provided. The governor instructed that no effort should be spared in Kamy’s treatment and care. He also announced his willingness to cover all expenses for Kamy’s treatment in Dubai if necessary, having already discussed the matter with the UAE Consul General.

Governor Tessori donated 40 ton of fodder for Kamy. He condemned the cruelty inflicted on the camel, stating that such acts disgrace humanity. He urged the Sindh government to ensure that those responsible are appropriately punished.

The governor commended the animal shelter for their dedicated care of injured animals and noted that their efforts are praiseworthy. He added that the care for the injured camel is in line with Bilawal Bhutto’s directives, highlighting it as a commendable initiative.