GSMA’s Head of Asia Pacific Mr Julian Gorman called on Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication Shaza Fatima Khawaja here on Friday.

During the meeting matters related to digital transformation, and upcoming GSMA Digital Nation Summit were discussed. Country Lead Digital Transformation, Pakistan, GSMA, Saira Faisal was also present in the meeting.

Shaza Fatima said the government is committed for digitalization and transform Pakistan into Digital economy. She said Ministry of IT will play pivotal role in GSMA Digital Nation Summit.

She said Ministry of IT and Telecom will extend full support and facilitation regarding GSMA Digital Nation Summit to be held on August 7.

Mr Julian Gorman expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of IT and Telecom for their support of the GSMA Digital Nation Summit in August and assured full support to the government in their digitization journey.