(Govt) Kamal takes notice of contractors’ malpractice


QUETTA:Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan has taken notice that contractors get themselves registered with BRA to compete in bidding process but later on fail to submit their monthly Sales Tax Returns.


Accordingly all Administrative Departments have been directed to ensure that all the bidders (contractors) are registered and active filers of their monthly Sales Tax return with Balochistan Revenue Authority prior to floating any tender / pre-qualification.


Administrative Departments have been directed that it should be made part of pre-qualification that all departments inviting bids/ tenders should get valid verification of all bidders in the bidding process from Balochistan Revenue Authority forthwith.


It is pertinent to mention here that by virtue of Section 3 of Balochistan Sales Tax on Service Act, 2015, all service providers are under legal obligation to get themselves registered with Balochistan Revenue Authority and submit monthly Sales Tax returns as prescribed in the Balochistan Sales Tax on Service Acct, 2015.