Govt must assume mature leadership role: HRCP


LAHORE:The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said in a statement on Thursday that it was concerned that the federal government appeared increasingly unable or unwilling to assume a leadership role by putting the greater interest of a stable, inclusive democracy above its political differences.

It said that rather than creating cohesion and building consensus across the political spectrum, some members of the government have levelled serious accusations of treason against the political opposition.

“For the federal interior minister, Brig. (Retd) Ijaz Shah, to ‘warn’ the political opposition that their narrative would invite terrorist attacks was irresponsible and dangerous. Similarly, the campaign against Mr Ayaz Sadiq, former speaker of the National Assembly, in the form of banners caricaturing him as Indian pilot Abhinandan was deplorable,” according to HRCP.

HRCP urged the federal government to adopt a politically mature approach and pay heed to addressing ordinary citizens’ economic needs in the face of spiraling food inflation, eliminating enforced disappearances, and stemming the surge in violence against women and children – among other human rights concerns.