SUZHOU, China, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the most heated topic must be the world’s top football competition which takes place every four years. To provide convenient and free services for football fans from ten days before the event to five days after the event, Qatar has arranged direct bus lines from five key areas of Doha and the main accommodations of fans to stadiums and express bus services from subway stations to stadiums for fans with tickets.

Notably, these buses mainly come from a Chinese brand Higer Bus. With buses offered, more than 9,000 drivers, 2,000 ground service providers and over 3,000 business personnel from Mowasalat, a national transportation enterprise of Qatar, will provide efficient picking up of fans.

Higer Bus once provided services for the Asian Games and the AFC Asian Cup in Doha. To better handle the great flow of people and intense traffic of the event, Higer Bus has developed an exclusive service plan and practiced repeatedly to ensure a smooth operation. Meanwhile, the G-BOS smart fleet management platform, a unique system of Higer Bus, is adopted to deal with vehicle maintenance, fault alarms and other vital information to offer accurate services and improve operational efficiency by more than 10%.

Higer Bus has a strong service team that can offer timely responses around the clock to fulfill every need of the event. Team members will stick to their positions at 6:40 am each day. They work at service stations and parking lots to inspect every vehicle before it is put into operation and after it comes back according to the PDI process of new vehicles to make sure the security and smooth operation of over 6,000 Higer buses in Qatar.

To date, fans have gathered in Qatar from around the globe. Some fans have already enjoyed the express bus services in Doha and traveling from four stadiums in a day has become easy for them. Besides, fans were impressed by the comfort and quietness of their trip when taking buses of Higer Bus. “Buses will be the best choice for traveling during the event. We would like to give Doha and Chinese buses thumbs up,” said some fans.

The service staff of Higer Bus said, “It is a great honor to participate in the first global football event held in the Middle East. We will bring all our energies to bear upon the task, provide comfortable and convenient transportation services for global fans and demonstrate Higer Bus’s style and the excellence of a Chinese brand.”

The internationally renowned football event is not just for its fans but also for the enterprises devoted to their missions and goals. With excellent quality, safety, comfortableness and great services, Higer Bus shoulders the responsibility again to support top events and shows the world Chinese strengths in manufacturing.

Better Higer, Better Together! Higer Bus fully backs up the global football event.