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High winds cause rise in sea level, 2000 boats at stake

May 29, 2020

THATTA:The sea level along coastal belt of Sindh is rising due to speeding winds, posing flood threat to hundreds of villages in Sujawal, Chuhar Jamali, Seerani and other areas.

As a result, 400 fishing boats could not sail into the sea while more than 2,000 boats in the sea have not returned, causing concern to the heirs of fishermen. Thousands of fishermen are upset about the loss of livelihood.

The coastal belt has been experiencing strong winds for the past five days. The heirs of the fishermen at sea are worried after the Pakistan Meteorological Department predicted rainfall in Sindh. Villagers said 150 villages along the coastal belt of Sujawal come under water every year due to the sea level rise and thousands of people are forced to migrate.

Met office today forecast that during the next 24 hours, rain wind-thunderstorm (with few hailstorm) is expected in Sindh. The Sindh coastal region is located in the southeastern part of the country between the Indus border along the Sir Creek on the east, and the Hub River along the Balochistan coast on the west. This coastal region is about 350 km long and can be divided into the Indus Delta/Creek and Karachi coast.

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