New Delhi, Muslim students wearing hijabs have achieved remarkable success in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams in New Delhi, challenging prevailing stereotypes and demonstrating that traditional attire is no obstacle to academic excellence.

According to Kashmir Media Service, among the high achievers, Munira Salafi and Waleeha Afaq both scored over 96% in their Class XII examinations. Their accomplishments have served as a powerful testament against the misconception that the hijab impedes educational and professional opportunities. In interviews, both students expressed that wearing the hijab boosts their confidence and provides them with the strength to excel academically.

These achievements have come at a time when the debate over the hijab in educational institutions has intensified in parts of India. Munira and Waleeha, who secured the second and third positions in their school respectively, have become symbols of empowerment and are redefining the narrative around the hijab in modern society. Munira, in particular, emphasized that adherence to traditional Islamic dress does not hinder participation in any aspect of public life, whether it be sports or education, and she hopes to inspire other young women to pursue their goals without compromising their identities.