IIOJK students assaulted in Jalandhar, over 100 sent back

Jalandhar: Several students of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) were allegedly attacked in CT Institute of Engineering in Jalandhar, India.

According to a Kashmir Media Service report on Sunday, clashes broke out between two groups of students and those from occupied Kashmir, after a female Kashmiri student was subjected to harassment and heckling within the college campus. A tense atmosphere gripped the CT College in Jalandhar, as students rallied in protest against the assault of Kashmiri students on campus.

The CT Institute administration has suspended 14 students in connection with this incident. Additionally, 110 Kashmiri students who were pursuing various professional courses have reportedly been sent back to the valley.

“A student passed a comment against a female Kashmiri student, triggering angry reaction from her male counterparts from the valley,” a student from Kashmir told the media.

The J and K Students Association informed via its official X handle (formally Twitter) that despite lodging a complaint with the college administration, the grievances were purportedly ignored, leading to heightened resentment among the Kashmiri student community.

The situation took an ugly turn as Kashmiri students claimed to have been ruthlessly beaten by non-local students, further intensifying the already charged atmosphere on the campus.

“The girl student, who was harassed, approached the college administration, requesting action against the student involved. However, the college management chose to overlook her ordeal,” one of the expelled students said.

The students said that local students, enrolled in the same institution, attacked Kashmiri students with stones, but fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident on either side.

The J and K Students Association said a committee has been formed in this regard, and to ensure the safety and security of Kashmiri students, they have been sent back to the valley with the support of the college management.

“Even though the victim girl’s statement was recorded by the college administration, they did not take any action against the accused student and instead requested that we leave Punjab until the situation returns to normal,” the aggrieved students said.