Friday, December 2

Imran alleges ‘horse trading’ by ruling coalition

ISLAMABAD: Ousted Pakistani PM and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Wednesday accused the Sharif-led coalition government of bribing its members of the Punjab Assembly to change their loyalties ahead of the poll for Punjab chief minister.

Taking it to Twitter, the defiant politician said Today Lahore is seeing a repeat of the Sindh House horse-trading that happened in Islamabad with up to Rs50 crores being offered to buy MPAs. Khan accused PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari as the main man behind the act, saying he gets NRO for his corruption and purchases people with looted wealth.

PTI chief termed horse trading an ‘attack on democracy’ and on the moral fabric of society. “Had Supreme Court taken action and debarred these turncoats for life it would have acted as deterrent,” he asked. Other PTI members including Murad Raas claim that the party’s lawmakers are being offered between Rs30 million and Rs50 million each by PML-N to change their loyalties ahead of the vote recount for the Punjab chief minister post.

Senior PTI leader Yasmin Rashid said the former ruling party does not want to start a fight with other parties. She also slammed Rana Sanaullah for his ‘threatening rhetoric’ about the disappearance of lawmakers ahead of the vote count.