Inauguration by Governor State Bank of Pakistan SICPA Pakistan Security Inks Manufacturing Facility

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Karachi: In 2010, SICPA Pakistan embarked upon an ambitious programme of upgrading its security inks manufacturing facility. The project involved the replacement of obsolete equipment with new state-of-the-art equipment, renovation and construction of new offices and installation of world class access control and security arrangements. This project was completed within schedule at a cost of Rs 500 million.

As a result of this upgrade, the quality of security inks is hundred percent on par with the highest standards defined by the SICPA group; the safety and working conditions are at the same high level compared with international standards; and SICPA Pakistan is now in the capacity to adopt immediately any advancements in manufacturing processes and ink technologies.

The opening ceremony of Upgraded Security Inks Manufacturing Facility was recently performed by Honorable Governor of State Bank of Pakistan Mr. Yaseen Anwar. Also present were Mrs. Naiyer Muzaffar Husain, MD Pakistan Security Printing Corporation and Chairperson SICPA Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ikram, Chief Executive Officer SICPA Pakistan and representatives of the SICPA group. About SICPA

As a leading global provider of security inks and integrated security solutions for banknotes and security documents,, SICPA is the trusted partner to many of the world’s governments, central banks, security printers and security technology providers.

SICPA Inks Pakistan (Pvt) Limited was established as a joint venture company between SICPA SA, Switzerland and Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (wholly owned by Government of Pakistan) in 1995. SICPA Pakistan formulates and provides security inks to Pakistan Security Printing Corporation for the printing of Pakistani banknotes, passports, cheque books, prize bonds, certificates and other documents of value.

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