Inflation is due to Imran govt policies: JUI-F leader

Thatta: JUI-F leader Hafiz Hamdullah has said that the country is going through a difficult period due to political and economic crisis. “The inflation is due to the Imran government policies. If PDM did not send Imran home, the country’s security would have been at stake,” he said while speaking to media at a seminary in Thatta. He said: “The effects of terrorism are high, how did the bomber reach Peshawar mosque?”

“Negotiations with TTP were also initiated by Imran Khan’s government. Such decisions cannot be made by four or five people, as such decisions should be made in the Parliament. First, it should be decided whether there should be negotiations or not,” he said. This is a national problem, what should be the nature of negotiations. A joint session should be called, and there should be a one-point agenda, whether the militant elements can be talked to or not, the political leader said.

He further said that the prices of dollar, gold, and petrol had been skyrocketing. The question is why this is happening, seventy years of debt is on one side and three and a half years is on the other side which is high in view of low time period. The people of the country wants to help, but in order to do so, they need to take the permission from the IMF, he observed.