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Intelligence Investigation (Inland Revenue) Faisalabad takes action against non-duty paid cigarette

Islamabad, December 02, 2020 (PPI-OT): The Directorate of Intelligence Investigation (Inland Revenue), Faisalabad on express directions and unwavering resolve of Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad and the Director General, Intelligence Investigation (Inland Revenue) to curb the menace of illicit trade of counterfeit and non-duty paid cigarettes has busted 300 cartons (3,000,000 sticks) of cigarettes of different brands from multiple locations/stock-houses of traders in Faisalabad.

The Director General (Intelligence Investigation, Inland Revenue) in successive official meetings and communiqu├ęs has conveyed the field formations regarding zero-tolerance of the Government Federal Board of Revenue towards the menace of counterfeit cigarettes which is not only extremely hazardous for health but also causes huge losses to the national exchequer in terms of evasion of duties and taxes.

In line with these policy guidelines, Tobacco Squad of Intelligence Investigation (Inland Revenue), Faisalabad under the supervision of Deputy Director Imran Zafar in exercise of powers u/s 38 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 read with Rule 62 of the Federal Excise Duty, 2005 visited the business premises/sales office of a Registered person in Timber Market, the godown located near Lari Ada, Tandlianwala, after getting search warrant from the area magistrate, police station City Tandlianwala and 150 cartons of counterfeit/non duty paid cigarettes were recovered, from there. The owner was asked to provide sales tax invoice/Bill-T and other allied documents but they failed to produce any document whatsoever and 150 cartons of non-duty paid cigarette were accordingly recovered.

In another similar action undertaken by this Directorate, Tobacco Squad of Intelligence Investigation (Inland Revenue), Faisalabad on secret information, reached Deputywala Interchange, M-3 Motorway, Faisalabad and found 150 cartons of non-duty paid Cigarettes about half KM away from Deputywala Interchange on Faisalabad Road under a make shift shed. Two persons present there were questioned but they failed to produce any documents i.e. sales tax invoices/Bill-T etc. The cigarette appeared counterfeited/non-duty paid and were accordingly taken in to custody.

Estimated tax and duties evaded on the recovered merchandise may run in millions of rupees. The Director General (Intelligence Investigation, Inland Revenue), while appreciating the action of Faisalabad Directorate urged to speed up the drive for curbing the illicit trade so that only fair business as per approved health, quality and brand specifications and standard takes place and criminal elements involved in robbing the exchequer of due tax and duties and playing with the health of general public may be brought to law.

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