ISESCO Executive Council lauds Organization’s outstanding achievements

The Executive Council of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) adopted the Report of the Director General on the ISESCO’s Activities for 2017 and commended the reported outstanding achievements covering different areas of the Organization and the aspects of its action plan.

At the close of its 39th session here on Tuesday, the Council also adopted the Report of the Director General for the Years 2013-2015 and Progress Report for the Years 2016-2018 on the Evaluation of the Organization’s Action; commended the leading qualitative achievements made by the Organization over the reported period; appreciated the report’s methodology in highlighting the Organization’s efforts and its contribution to the development process in member states; and invited member states to further cooperate and interact with the external evaluation operations conducted by ISESCO within the framework of the implementation of the programs and activities scheduled under the Action Plan.

Moreover, the Council adopted the Financial Report of the Director General and Closing Accounts, Report of the Audit Company and Report of the Financial Control Committee for the Year 2017; commended the Director General’s efforts to collect financial resources, rationalize expenditure and boost the Organization’s working mechanisms; and thanked all the personalities and institutions having made donations to the Organization over the previous years and invited them to continue supporting the Organization.

Likewise, the Council adopted the Report of the Director General on the Member States’ Contributions to the Organization’s Budget and on Redressing the Organization’s Financial Situation for the Year 2017; welcomed the arrangements made by the Director General with a number of Member States regarding the payment of their arrears to the Organization’s budget; called on the Member States which have not yet paid up their budget contributions and those in arrears to settle their contributions and arrears at their earliest convenience, in order to honor their commitments and enable the Organization to discharge its duties.

In the same vein, the Council invited the Director General to continue coordination and consultation with the Member States in arrears, in order to collect those arrears, and mandated him to agree on practical mechanisms for payment thereof and consider writing off the arrears of insolvent States, in line with the relevant resolutions and decisions adopted by the General Conference and the Executive Council.

By the same token, the Council adopted the Draft Three-Year Action Plan and Budget for 2019-2021; hailed the contents and orientations of the Plan, which combines innovation and realism and highlights Member States’ priorities, needs and challenges to be addressed in order to achieve balanced sustainable development goals.

In another vein, it agreed to have the League of the Institutions of Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers as a body working under the aegis of ISESCO; adopted the draft Amendments to ISESCO Organizational Chart, some articles of the Chart and the respective rules of procedure of the General Conference and the Executive Council, as well as the Personnel Regulations.

The Council agreed to submit these decisions and projects, with a recommendation for approval, to the 13th General Conference slated to hold during its 40th session in 2019 in the United Arab Emirates.

Source: International Islamic News Agency