Islamabad-bound plane makes emergency landing at Doha airport

DOHA:An Islamabad-bound Qatar Airways plane made an emergency landing at the Doha International airport early on Thursday after developing a technical hitch.

According to aviation sources, the scheduled flight (QR-614) of Qatar Airways took off from the Doha International Airport to Islamabad at 3:04am, local time.

Sources said the flight was supposed to reach Islamabad at 8am, but after 11 minutes of departure, the pilot identified a technical fault in the plane when it was at the altitude of 15,000 feet. Following the instructions of the air traffic controller, the pilot diverted the plane back to Doha Airport.

The flight radar received an emergency signal from the plane when it was taking round near Al Warka. The plane was landed back at the Doha International Airport, Qatar, 34 minutes after takeoff. The soirces said the passengers were offloaded from the plane.