Islamabad, In a substantial operation targeting drug trafficking, the Islamabad Police arrested 15 individuals accused of peddling narcotics across various districts of the city. The arrests, part of the “Nasha Ab Nahi” campaign initiated by the police to combat drug abuse among youth, led to the recovery of a significant amount of illegal drugs, including heroin, hashish, and ice.

According to Islamabad Capital Police, the operation was carried out following special directives from Inspector General of Police, Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, aimed at curtailing the spread of narcotics in the city. Over the last 24 hours, multiple teams from the Islamabad Police conducted coordinated raids resulting in these arrests. Among the substances seized were 225 grams of heroin, 210 grams of hashish, and 1376 grams of ice. Notable arrests included two individuals found with over 570 grams of heroin each and another group caught with 1126 grams of heroin and 20 grams of ice.

The police have registered cases against all individuals apprehended during the raids and have stated that further investigations are ongoing. SSP Operations Islamabad emphasized the importance of these operations for ensuring the safety and security of citizens, declaring that no compromise would be made in the fight against such criminal activities.