Karachi: Pakistan Jiu-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) will be hosting a National Anti-Doping virtual seminar on Wednesday for all its affiliated bodies, officials and athletes.

The webinar is in succession to Anti-Doping webinars being organized by Ju Jitsu Asian Union. The upcoming webinar will be held in the local language to better assist players and coaches to understand prohibited list, substances and methods that may put players in hot waters. It will be followed by another webinar being conducted by the Jiu-Jitsu Asian Union over the weekend in English language.

The seminar will be conducted by sports medicine and doping control expert Dr. Ucksy Mallick, President, Sports Medicine Association of Pakistan and Member, Anti-Doping and Education Committee, JJAU and Dr. Warda Hameed, Member, Medical Committee, JJAU. Tariq Ali, Associate Secretary PJJF will be organizing and hosting the webinar.