Karachi reels under sizzling heat

KARACHI: Karachi, Pakistan’s economic hub, continued to reel under sizzling heatwave on third consecutive day on Friday as people were forced to stay indoors amid official forecast of 42 degrees centigrade today as compared to yesterday’s maximum temperature of 41°C.


The Sindh government has issued alert against the heatwave and suggested precautionary measures to remain safe from scorching heat. Pakistan Meteorological Department earlier a forecast the first heatwave of the current season this week from Tuesday to Saturday (tomorrow). It said the heatwave conditions are likely in most plain areas of the country, including Karachi. Districts of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab will also remain under the grip of heatwave during the next 24 hours, it further said. Thursday’s highest maximum Temperatures in Mithi and Dadu was 42 degrees centigrade while Karachi, Shaheed Benazirabad and Jacobabad underwent 41. The PMD has forecast 42 degrees of maximum temperature for Saturday.


Sindh Information Secretary Rafique Ahmed Buriro said in a statement Thursday said that the Pakistan Metrological Department had forecast a heatwave in Sindh, specially in Karachi, Hyderabad, and Sukkur.


He said that the ongoing heatwave would affect people who are old, children and those suffering from heart and respiratory diseases. The secretary’s statement pertaining to the heatwave advisory further says the Sindh government had advised that precautionary measures should be taken and no one should go out in the sunshine specially during 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, secondly cold drinks water, juices and curd should be consumed, thirdly senior citizens should be helped as they unable to move around.


Anybody affected by heatwave should immediately be moved in the shade, given air of the fan, and if the electricity is not available, then they should be given manual air. The should be given water, juices, curd and even ORS which is also helpful.


In case of emergency, immediate contact should be established with Provincial Disaster Management Authority Sindh and Commissioners. For this purpose, the Sindh government has established special hotline that it 1299. He said that the government should help yourself and take care of your self, take care of your family and neighbors.