The Indian parliamentary election in the so-called Baramulla constituency is marked by increased deployment of Indian troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir under the pretext of security.

According to a Kashmir Media Service report on Monday, observers argue that no elections can be free and fair in IIOJK with about one million occupation troops present. Critics claim that the so-called election is essentially a military operation and a futile exercise for Kashmiris, with New Delhi using sham polls to legitimize its illegal occupation of IIOJK.

India is accused of staging these election dramas to mislead the world about the territory’s true situation. The Modi regime seeks to legitimize its August 2019 actions by holding parliamentary elections in IIOJK.

Despite these efforts, many believe India cannot suppress the Kashmiris’ voice of freedom through such election dramas. Staging polls does not alter the disputed nature of Kashmir. The ongoing denial of Kashmiris’ democratic rights has led to assertions that India is a sham democracy.

Polls in IIOJK cannot substitute the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. Kashmiris reject these false elections, refusing to live under Indian control, and demand the immediate withdrawal of Indian troops and the implementation of UN resolutions.