Khairpur Police Crackdown Yields Multiple Arrests, Drug and Weapon Seizures

KHAIRPUR: Khairpur police on Monday claimed to have arrested nine accused in an operation and recoverd a significant quantity of drugs, including 3850 grams of cannabis and 3000 grams of hashish, along with unlicensed pistols and bullets from their possession.

According to the police, arrested accused include Bilawal Sheikh, Wazir Solangi, Kandhar Chandio, Ehsan Khaskheli, Ameer Bakhsh Maitlu, Azizullah Maitlu, Nader Lashari Dulio Bhatti, and Ali Hasan Bhatti. They now face charges under the narcotic act.

Among the absconding accused are Jay Kumar, Zahoor Morejo, Noor Pathan, Imdad Korai, Muhammad Hasan Morejo, Imtiaz Morejo, Abdul Ghaffar Morejo, and Zafar Morejo. Items recovered from the fleeing suspects include 18 sacks of gutka, 1807 packets of narcotic powder, and two cars.

The operation, under the directives of SSP Dr Samiullah Soomro, was conducted against drug dealers, unlicensed arms holders, and gambling suspects. The operation was carried out by the police of Gambat, Kunb, Mirwah, Ahmedpur, Pirjo Goth, Priyallo and other areas.

The crackdown underscores Khairpur police's commitment to maintaining law and order and eliminating illegal activities within the region. Investigations are ongoing to locate and apprehend the remaining suspects.