Kidnappers kill boy in Rawalpindi

ISLAMABAD: During a raid in the house of kidnappers in the Naseerabad area of Rawalpindi, police found the dead body of a teenage boy who was abducted by them, police said on Saturday. According to details, a man reported to the police that his 13-year-old son Mujtaba Naseem was kidnapped. He said that his son went outside in the morning but did not return. He said that the abductors of his son called him and demanded Rs1 million ransom to release him.

After registering father’s complaint, the police started finding the kidnappers. When the father reached the appointed place to deliver ransom money to the abductors, police were also hiding there. As the kidnapper tried to grab the ransom money, police caught him. On the pointation of the abductor identified as Muhammad Umar, police raided the house where his accomplices were hiding. Seeing the police coming, kidnapper Umar’s accomplices opened fire on the raiding party.

Accused Umar received a bullet of his accomplices and got seriously injured and later succumbed to his wound. One of the policemen was also hit by a bullet fired by the kidnappers, but he remained unscathed due to bulletproof jacket, he was wearing. Under the cover of fire, the kidnappers managed to flee. During the search of the house, police found the dead body of abductee Mujtaba Naseem in the washroom of the house. Police said that the boy was strangled to death. The spokesperson for Rawalpindi police said that teams have been formed to arrest the rest of the abductors and their facilitators.