KMC begins drains’ cleaning ahead of monsoon season

KARACHI: Administrator Karachi, Sindh government’s Spokesman and CM Advisor on Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Monday reviewed the work of cleaning of Frere Road drain in South District.

“KMC has started drains cleaning work ahead of monsoon season to ensure drainage during rains. Drains are being cleaned at various places in Karachi. Teams of KMC and Solid Waste Management Board are working. local bodies are speedily cleaning 41 big drains and 514 small drains in Karachi and there is liaison between the agencies,” he added.

The Administrator Karachi on the occasion directed Senior Director Municipal Services Mazhar Khan to speed up the work. He directed to clean drains manually as well as with machines. He said that blockage of drains in rainy days is a major problem.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that as a result blockage, water comes on the roads and the flow of traffic is severely affected and the citizens face difficulties. He said that the contractors have been instructed to take care of the drains for the next three months after cleaning them.

This clause was not included in the drains contracts awarded in the past. “It is hoped that the condition of the drains will be better and the drainage of rain water will be complete,” he added. Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that when rain water comes on the roads due to lack of drainage, it causes inconvenience to the citizens and also causes damage to the roads and sidewalks.

The Administrator Karachi said that Gujjar nullah, Mehmoodabad Manzoor Colony nullah, Picture nullah, Orangi Town nullah, Frere Town nullah, PECHS nullah are very important for drainage of rain water so full attention should be paid to them. He said that the monsoon season is predicted to start earlier in Karachi this time, directing that staff and machinery should be kept in ready condition.