KARACHI:Karachi Metropolitan Commissioner (KMC) Danish Saeed while addressing a basketball exhibition match on the occasion of World Anti-Drug Day said that the only way to save today’s youth from drugs is to promote sports activities.

“If they take interest in sports, the field will be inhabited and anti-social elements will not be able to lure them towards drug use and other crimes, he said, adding that sports are of utmost importance not only for physical and mental health but also through sports name of the nation can be spread all over the world,” he said.

He said that there are a large number of players among the big capitalists in the world today. He said that now sports are also the best source of income. Addressing the players, Saeed said that they are involved in a healthy activity and basketball is a popular and favorite sport all over the world so they have mastered the sport with hard work, dedication, courage and passion. He asked youth to take part in basketball and then take part in a variety of competitions around the world.

He said that our youth in Pakistan have limited opportunities for sports and there are no regular academies for various sports but still our youth have excelled in cricket, hockey, squash, badminton, boxing, wrestling and basketball. “Our teams have been world champions in various sports and have hoisted the Pakistani flag in various world sports, including the Olympics,” he said.

“There is no shortage of talented youth in Pakistan and especially in Karachi.” The Metropolitan Commissioner said that the doors of KMC grounds and sports centers are open to all citizens and the sponsorship of KMC sports. He said that KMC will organize a basketball tournament on the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day on September 6 and teams from all over Karachi will be invited to come and participate in the basketball championship. He said that KMC has now upgraded its playgrounds and centers at the end of the basketball exhibition match, Metropolitan Commissioner Danish Saeed distributed prizes among the athletes and is trying to prepare the talented youth of Karachi for all the sports that are included in the Olympics.