PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has decided to start a second shift at schools from the month of August to accommodate the maximum number of students at one institution and bring down the dropout ratio.


Education Minister, Shahram Khan Taraki in a statement the other day informed priority would be given to schools located in far-flung mountainous districts. The reason behind introducing a second shift was to bring down the ratio of dropout students, the Minister said, adding that schools with second shifts would also be upgraded.


At Primary schools, classes of middle standard would be arranged in the second shift while at middle schools, the students up metric class would be imparted education. Likewise, the Minister said at high schools classes of higher secondary grade would be arranged. He said the existing teaching staff would also be given a chance to teach the students besides new teachers would be hired for the second shift.


The new primary schools teachers would be given a monthly stipend of Rs 12,000 and the middle schools teacher would get Rs 15,000 per month while the teachers of high school would get Rs 18,000 per month. The teachers of higher secondary schools would be given Rs 2,0000 per month while the clerical staff would get Rs 7000 per month. The Minister added that after the closing of normal school timing the second shift would get started.