Kumar assures arrest of elements torturing Bhatti


QUETTA:Following the directions of Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan, Parliamentary Secretary for Minorities Danesh Kumar visited the residence of tortured Qamar Bhatti at Basti Panchayat Kasi Road on Tuesday.

On the occasion, he apprised Panchayat of Christian community about the steps taken by the government to apprehend perpetrators toturing Bhatti. He said perpetrators could not escape from the grip of law, how much influential they may be.

Kumar urged persons affected by interest mafia to contact him so that the case be referred to Crimes Branch for providing justice to the affected people. Christian community Panchayat thanked Khan for takening notice of the issue. They expressed the hope that perpetrators involved in torturing Qamar Bhatti and making his objectionable video would soon be arrested and justice would be done with Qamar Bhatti.

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