Bishkek, In response to recent violent incidents in Bishkek involving foreign nationals, the Kyrgyz government has committed to enhancing safety measures for all foreign residents, including Pakistanis. This assurance comes amid concerns about the well-being of international students caught in the unrest.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, speaking to Radio Pakistan’s News Current Affairs Channel, both the Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan have affirmed the government’s dedication to protecting foreign nationals. Ambassador Zaigham clarified that the violence, which affected numerous foreign students from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, was not targeted at any specific nationality but was rather a broad escalation resulting from provocative social media posts.

The situation in Bishkek has since stabilized, with Ambassador Zaigham confirming that the environment is under control and there is no cause for panic. To mitigate the spread of misinformation, he urged the public to refrain from sharing unverified news on social media. The embassy has been actively involved in addressing the concerns of affected families, receiving around six hundred calls from relatives of students.

Further, an advisory has been issued to students recommending they stay indoors until the situation fully normalizes. In collaboration with a Kyrgyz private airline, the embassy is also arranging special flights to facilitate the return of Pakistani students to their home country.