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Locust swarms return to Shikarpur, devastates crops

May 30, 2020

SHIKARPUR:Swarms of locusts returned back to Shikarpur district and devastated newly sown rice crop and green pastures in several parts.

The affected farmers said that the swarms in the second attack devoured rice saplings, vegetables, fruit, and other crops in a vast area of Mian Sahib, Sultankot, Hamayoon, Lakhi, Khanpur, Zarkhail, and other localities. “The locusts are still the district which causes huge losses to growers,” they further said.

The farmers complained that the agriculture department had still not played any role to conduct spray, however, they were trying their level best to drive out the swarm of locusts by beating drums and making noise on the self-help basis. A state of panic and fear prevailed among the farming community of the district as they found themselves helpless in driving away the swarms of locusts comprising millions, they said.

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