(Martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Havaldar Lalak Jan, NH being observed)

ISLAMABAD: The 23rd martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Havaldar Lalak Jan, Nishan-e-Haider, is being observed today (Thursday).

Shaheed Lalak Jan was awarded the country’s highest award Nishan-e-Haider (NH) for the devotion and courage he showed in the Kargil war in 1999. He was serving in the Northern Light Infantry Regiment when the Kargil War broke out in 1999 and fought from the forefront to thwart heavy Indian attacks.

In May 1999, he willingly volunteered to be deployed on the front positions. On 7 July, Lalak Jan received serious injuries as enemies struck the area with heavy mortar shells. Despite his wounds, he stayed at his position and fought off the Indian assault, but soon succumbed to his injuries.

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