Maryam approves 32,298 computer tablets for primary school heads

By Newsdesk May15,2024

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz presided over a pivotal meeting today, unveiling Punjab’s comprehensive education reform agenda aimed at revitalizing the region’s schooling system.

At the special gathering focused on school education reforms, she sanctioned the monthly schedule for a five-year plan targeting educational enhancement. The plan’s meticulous planning underscores the government’s commitment to long-term educational development.

Key highlights from the meeting include significant progress on the School New Trash Project, with Secretary School Education briefing attendees on advancements. Moreover, Maryam greenlit the provision of 32,298 computer tablets to primary school heads, signaling a strategic push toward digital literacy and resource accessibility.

A groundbreaking decision was made to establish STEM IT and Science Labs in 1000 elementary schools, emphasizing Punjab’s dedication to fostering innovative learning environments. The Asian Development Bank’s pledge of $100 million towards the establishment of STEM labs underscores the global recognition of Punjab’s educational revitalization efforts.

In a bid to equip students with essential digital skills, an agreement was approved for the Google certification of 300,000 children from government schools. This initiative aligns with Punjab’s vision for a technologically adept workforce.

The meeting also addressed crucial aspects of curriculum development and training, with Maryam stressing the need for continuous improvement in educational standards. Notably, over 92 percent of free books have been distributed, ensuring widespread access to educational materials.

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