Meeting of Special Committee on Delay in All Flights including Hajj Flights and Grounding of the Aircrafts of Pakistan International Airlines

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Islamabad: Syed Sumsam Ali Shah Bukhari, Chairman chaired the meeting of Special Committee on “Delay in all Flights including Hajj Flights and grounding of the aircrafts of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)” on Wednesday 25th January, 2012 at 02:00 PM in Committee Room No. 2, Parliament House, Islamabad. The agenda of meeting was as under: –

(i) The causes of delay in all flights including Hajj flights of PIA.
(ii) The causes of grounding of PIA aircrafts.
(iii) Defective operations of PIA aircrafts.
(iv) Existing strength of PIA fleet including aircrafts on lease.
(v) Ongoing and proposed restructuring of PIA.

Mr. Salah-ud-Din Sheikh, MNA, Ms. Nosheen Saeed, MNA, Moulana Muhammad Qasim, MNA, Mr. Masood Abbas, MNA and Mr. Shahid Khakan Abbasi, MNA were present in the meeting.

The Committee expressed concern that Hajj flights were delayed from 4 ½ Hours to 24 hours. The PIA in its briefing painted rosy picture. The ground realities and mistakes should be accepted and improved in better interest of PIA as well as Passengers/ Hajjis. The Committee noted with concern that two planes containing $7.5 million were leased for Hajj flights.

The Committee unanimously decided to hold next meeting on 13th and 14th February, 2012 in PIA Head Office Karachi. All participants of this meeting and Director General Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will attend the meeting. PIA and all stakeholders will explain and furnish details on the given agenda and following points:-

a. A study should be carried by Ministry of Defense/PIA and all other stake holders that: –

i. Why there is always complaint against PIA for delay in Hajj flights, General flights, fault in aircrafts.

What is problem and what is solution. Whether the existing aircrafts (B-747) of PIA are economically viable during Hajj operation.

ii. Other cheaper aircrafts could be hired on lease bases for Hajj flights through the transparent mechanism. This will reduce Hajj period, 25% reduction in the cost of Hajj expenses and uninterrupted Hajj schedule.

b. The internal administrative and operational working conditions of PIA should be made transparent and on merit and not on the basis of incentive postings, liking and disliking. The details of all appointments and recruitments made since 1998 to 2012 should be provided to the Special Committee.

The Committee noted with concern that 700 employees were sent to Saudi Arabia on the Hajj operation. Complete justification should be given when there was a separate grounds handling agency in Saudi Arabia.

c. PIA could not run efficiently Hajj operation and Ramzan Umra operation.

d. Why PIA not take remedial measures in advance for smooth operation of Hajj flights as well as other flights.

e. Details of other flights than PIA who participated in Hajj Operation.

f. PIA should provide copy of appreciation certificate for Hajj operation to all members and confirm that this certificate was awarded only to PIA.

g. Explain reasons why not PIA upgrade seats on the request of passengers when seats are mostly available in the flight.

h. The general behaviour and attitude of PIA staff with customers is mostly rude and unbecoming.

i. The details on cost of food items during flights.

j. A comparative study of PIA with Indian airline and Turkish airline.

k. The full details regarding spare parts and inventory of billions of Rupees of aircrafts.

l. Justification for free ticketing.

m. Complete marketing strategy on slots available and not available.

n. The details regarding fuel trade with PSO.

o. The justification for increase in PIA fares.

p. PIA will provide compete justification and details on the points raised by Mr. Sohail Baloch, President PALPA. Mr. Sohail Baloch disagreed to proposal of procurement of Hajj flights on lease and strengthening of PIA. He demanded that Managing Director PIA should be given free hand to run the affairs of PIA. Mr. Baloch reiterated that B-747’s obtained on net lease were available in 2010 for $14 million whereas it was also negotiable to purchase on $ 11 million. But PIA has spent about 11 Million US Dollar on net lease for the same 02 aircrafts.

Heavy expenses on fuel were incurred on APU where as on the same expenses two APU Vehicles could be purchase. A ground handling agency is available in Jeddah for PIA. But PIA sent 700 employees to Jeddah for Hajj duty and paid approx 28 Crores. M.D should be empowered to take decisions. Marketing should be emphasized. Engineering Pilferage should stop. 05 B-747’s can be utilized for Hajj, Umra and Charter and it is felt that they are not viable for scheduled operations .

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