Meetings of the Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs were held at Gwadar from 22-24th May, 2023

Islamabad, May 26, 2023 (PPI-OT): The Committee was briefed by the Chairman Gwadar Port Authority and Mr. Yu Bo, Chairman, China Overseas Ports Holding Company on the working and performance of Gwadar Port. The Committee recommended the GPA and COPHC to resume the import of LPG through Gwadar Port. The Committee also directed the Ministry of Maritime Affairs to take up the case for import of such quantity of wheat and urea which is to be consumed in Balochistan, through Gwadar Port.

The Committee also recommended the Ministry and Government of Balochistan to start the Gwadar Safe City Project at the earliest possible. Senator Kauda Babar demanded that District Gwadar be declared Tax Free Zone. The Committee visited the maintenance dredging site at Gwadar Port where maintenance dredging was being done by the Chinese company. The Committee also visited the Gwadar Mini Port.

The Committee visited the Pakistan China Technical and Vocational Institute Gwadar and was briefed on its operations. The Committee was told that a tetra-parties MOU has been signed among (a) GPA, (b) the University of Gwadar, (c) the Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology (SICT) China and (d) China Overseas Ports Holding Company Limited for operations of the Institute. The Committee recommended that the Syllabus being taught at SICT China, be taught at Pakistan China Technical and Vocational Institute, Gwadar. The Committee also recommended that arrangements be made so that teachers from SICT China may teach the students at the said institute.

The Committee visited the Gwadar Industrial Estate, Gwadar which is being developed by the Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority. The Committee was shocked to know that basic facilities like water, gas and electricity are not available in the scheme despite a lapse of about 18 years. The Committee recommended the concerned authorities to complete the development of Gwadar Industrial Estate at the earliest possible, so that the industries could be set up there, so that Gwadar Port activities may be enhanced.

The Committee visited the site of New Gwadar International airport. The Project Director informed the Committee that the said airport is likely to be completed by September 2023. The Committee directed the concerned authorities to immediately start the landscaping and horticulture works around the new Gwadar airport and on both sides of the road connecting Gwadar International airport with the Coastal Highway.

The Chairman, Gwadar Development Authority brief the Committee on Gwadar Master Plan, port integrated development of Gwadar City and projects of GDA for provision of water, electricity and internet services in the Gwadar City. He informed the Committee that 150 bed Pakistan China Friendship Hospital, which is being built with the Chinese Government Grant, will be completed by August/September, 2023 and latest medical equipment including MRI machine will be available for treatment of patients.

The Committee directed the GDA to launch wide spread plantation campaign in Gwadar along with all major roads and in and around all projects being undertaken by the GDA. The Committee also directed the GDA to direct all the private housing/industrial/Commercial schemes to start horticulture works and do plantation along all roads and parks within their layout plans.

Senator Rubina Khalid, Senator Nuzhat Sadiq, Senator Abida Muhammad Azeem, Senator Kauda Babar and Senator Dost Muhammad Khan along with officers and officials of Gwadar Port Authority, China Overseas Ports Holding Company, Pakistan China Technical and Vocational Institute, Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority, Gwadar Development Authority attended the meetings.

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