Message of Adviser to Prime Minister for National Harmony Dr. Paul Bhatti on Christmas 2011

Press Information Department

Islamabad: “I facilitate all Christian brothers on the occasion of Christmas which teaches us to revere the humanity to seek blessing of Jesus Christ (May Allah be pleased with him) whose birth shines our life dispelling darkness and hatred”.

All the minorities have freedom to practice their respective faith in Pakistan. The event of Christmas is a proof as Christian and Muslim communities are celebrating Christmas together and they respect all the religions, which is the better example of interfaith relationship and interfaith harmony.

Forces of evil and darkness could not extinguish the light that Christ had lighted in the world through his life and teachings. The festival highlights those sacrifices, teachings and Character of Jesus Christ, which brought the misguided humanity back on track and serving the downtrodden and unprivileged people.

Let us pray for peace, love, tolerance and unity so that the enemies of Pakistan who are working to divide the nation in the name religion can be discouraged.

Let us renew our pledge on Christmas Day to continue our struggles for the welfare and economic prosperity of the country and make it a cradle of peace.

Enjoy merry Christmas.

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