Message of Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Prime Minister of Pakistan on World Kidney Day March 8, 2012

General Press Information Department

Islamabad: World Kidney Day, being observed around the globe today, draws our attention to the importance of kidneys for good health and the need of awareness to reduce the impact of kidney diseases. I will take this opportunity to highlight the woes and misery of patients suffering from the kidney disease. Adults with diabetes or hypertension are at an increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

Other risk factor for developing chronic kidney disease includes cardiovascular disease, obesity, high cholesterol and family history of chronic kidney disease. More than 10% of the people, aged 20 years or older, have been found to be suffering from chronic kidney disease. 35% of the patients of diabetes and 20% patients of high blood pressure who are older than 20 years have chronic kidney disease.

In Pakistan more than 100 new cases of end stage kidney disease per million population are reported every year. Out of these, 20% are diabetic and 20% have high blood pressure. If these diseases are not treated at an early stage, kidney failure may occur and the patients will have to undergo dialysis and transplant, which entails a cost many time that of an ordinary medical patient.

So we must play our role in educating the public about control of diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney stone that pre-dispose to chronic kidney disease and are preventable with an early treatment and preventive measures. We must increase awareness about seeking early medical help when its progression can be stopped. On this occasion, I would urge the media, civil society organizations and medical fraternity to support the Government in its endeavours to reduce the incidence of this disease.

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