Murad Ali Shah unhappy with administration on encroachment on GTS, LFS lands

Karachi, January 02, 2018 (PPI-OT):Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the process of lifting garbage and cleanliness of the city has been started but “all the institutions have to extend their support to solid waste management so that they could perform to the best of their capacity purely on modern and on scientific mode in the interest of this city and its people.

This he said while presiding over a high level of Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) here at CM House. The meeting was attended by Minister Local Government Jam Khan Shoro, Minister Information Syed Nasir Shah, Chief Secretary Rizwan Memon, Commissioner Karachi, Secretary Local government MD SSWMB A.D Sajnani and divisional commissioners and other concerned officers.

The Minister Local government, Jam Khan Shoro and MD solid waste management giving presentation to the chief minister said that the SSWMB was created for collection, transport and disposal of Solid Waste in Karachi and other cities / towns of the province, in an efficient, scientific, holistic and integrated manner.

It is responsible for collection and disposal of solid and other waste Industrial Waste; Medical / Hospital Waste; Agricultural Waste. Mr Jam Khan Shoro said that total waste generation of the city is about 12,000 tons per day, out of which 9,000 tons of waste is generated in municipal areas including DMCs and District Council of Karachi. The remaining 3,000 tons of waste is generated in areas of other civic administrative bodies such as six Cantonment boards, SITE, KPT, Pakistan Railways, CAA etc.

He said the SSWMB has three basic components such as Front-end collection, Middle-end Garbage Transfer Stations (GTS), back-end SWM Services i.e. Landfill Site (LFS). Currently, transportation cost regarding solid waste management services is very high because the landfill sites are at a distance of above 35 km form the city center and 70 km up and down. This distance is even over 50 km (+100 K.Ms up down) from many areas of Karachi.

The meeting was told that two landfill sites (LFSs) of 500 acres each, Jam Chakro and Gaond Pass are available for disposal of the solid waste being generated in the city. Unfortunately, both sites are simply dumping grounds and far from international standards of ‘Sanitary Landfill Sites’.

Current status of proposed GTS sites is as under:

1-A piece of 10.14 acres Land at Sector No. 12- B, Korangi industrial Area Sharafi Goth has been acquired and boundary wall has been constructed around it. Computerized weighbridge is being installed and expected to be working within next 60 days.

The chief minister was told that the actual work of GTS couldn’t be undertaken due to heaps of more than 400,000 tons of garbage on the site accumulated during last three decades. This mountain of the garbage is being lifted and transported for dumping at Landfill sites. So far over 200,000 tons backlog of garbage has been transported to the landfill sites. Therefore, approximately 60 percent of the total backlog has been lifted from this place. It was pointed out that DMC Malir and DMC Korangi are still using these site as GTS, hence SSWMB has to lift not only backlog but routine garbage also.

2- Sector No. 52 at Korangi Town 11.47 acres : After receiving the possession the SSWMB started construction of Boundary wall but Army personnel stopped the work on the plea that the land belonged to them.

The chief minister directed Chief Secretary to check record of rights to ascertain the actual ownership of the land. “I also want a detailed report whether the KDA can allot land to any organization,” he said and added “it is allotting author or not?” he asked.

3- 4.13 acres land in Sector No. 26 Korangi Industrial: The KDA has handed over the site to SSWMB, but Assistant Commissioner, Landhi as well as DMC Korangi have established some offices on the site and are not ready to vacate it. On this the chief minister directed chief secretary to resolve the matter and report him.

4- 5-acres Land Deh Okewari, East: The land has been identified and recommended by DC, East. He has advised SSWMB not to start construction till it is cleared from encroachment. On this the chief minister expressed his displeasure and asked what the police and district administration are doing. “I would not spare anybody if found negligent in removing encroachment,” he said.

5- 10-acre Land Deh Gujhro (Near Jannat Gui Hospital) Sohrab Goth), Distt. East.

The SSWMB on taking over the possession of the land started construction of Boundary Wall after taking district administration, Anti-encroachment cell of BoR and local police on board. The work was in progress when local land grabbers armed with weapons attacked the labours, demolished construction and stopped the work. On this the chief minister expressed extreme displeasure and said he want the land cleared with 48 hours. “How the land grabbers are operating under the nose of police and the administration,” he asked.

5- 40-acre Land, Deh Gangiaro, Bin Qasim, Malir and GTS Site Mewa Shah

The SSWMB told the chief minister that they have constructed boundary walls at Malir and Mewa Shah but the land grabbers have established their katcha houses inside the boundary. “Now you must be helpless because the administration and the police would not be cooperating with you,” the chief minister asked and said this is not tribal area that people have developed their states within state. He directed Additional IG Karachi to launch operation against land grabbers at Sohrab Goth and Mewa Shah and bring them behind the bars. “This must be done within 48 hour,” he said.

6-GTS Dhobi Ghat, South:

The site is State land and has been under use of DMC (South) and handed over to SSWMB for the same use. However, when SSWMB started construction on the site, some local people resisted. Despite requests, the local police and Anti-encroachment cell didn’t provide full support and work had to be abandoned. The chief minister said in displeasure that he was not night surprised.

GTS Qasba Colony, DMC West: The site had been under use of DMC (West) and now stands handed over to SSWMB. SSWMB has constructed boundary wall on the site and is preparing detailed engineering design of GTS. Computerized weighbridge is being installed and expected to be working within next 60 days. The chief minister said “thanks God at least your [SSWMB] one site is clear.

GTS Baldia Town, DMC West:

The site has been under use of DMC (West) /defunct TMA Baldia as informal GTS since decades and now stands handed over to SSWMB by DMC West. The SSWMB has constructed three sides of boundary wall on the site but fourth side couldn’t be completed due to land grabbers. The chief minister directed DC West to clear encroachment and report him.

GTS Hawks-bay, District West:

The site is currently being used by DMC – West as informal GTS. The Deputy Commissioner, West has earmarked suitable piece of land of 12 acres at K-28, Phase-II, Trans Lyari Quarters. The chief minister directed the Board of Revenue to allocate the land to SSWMB for GTS. The chief minister on the request of the SSWMB directed chief secretary to provide land for establishment of two GTS for district Central, two for District Korangi.

The chief minister was told that Rehabilitation of existing Landfill sites and their conversion into Sanitary Landfill Sites (LFS) is a very important component of Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management. The Revenue Department has allocated two pieces of land of 500 acres each, in Deh Jam Chakro and Gaond Pass area, for Landfill sites. The SSWMB has taken over the operation and maintenance of both sites from KMC and plans to rehabilitate and convert them into Scientifically Designed Sanitary Landfill Sites as per international standards. But the land is being encroached day and night. The chief minister directed the administration to remove the encroachments and report him.

The Chief Minister was told that the Revenue Department had handed over 3000 Acres of Land for new Landfill site Near Dhabeji in 1996. Garbage train was started to transport garbage from Karachi for disposal at this site but later on whole scheme was abandoned. The site was visited along with Revenue officers / officials of district Malir in 2015 and 2016 and it was found that most of the 3000-acre land reserved for LFS stands have been encroached.

The chief minister directed chief secretary to provide adjacent 3000 Acres Land from N.C. No. 136, Deh Dhabeji, Chak No. 1, Malir, Karachi for establishment of new LFS for Karachi.

The chief minister was told that the SSWMB has plan to reserve 200 Acres for ‘Hospital Waste Disposal Site (including Incinerator)’ and 300 Acres for ‘Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Site’. A Consultant firm has already been hired which is carrying out ‘Techno- Economic, Feasibility Study’ of the scheme, including designing of the LFS as an ADP Project.

The chief minister directed the commissioner and Adl IG Karachi to start operation against land grabbers and report him. He also directed DG KDA to give him a detailed report about the land he has vacated from the land grabbers. I want the vacated land be used for squash, tennis grounds, parks and other recreational facilities.

The chief minister constituted a committee under Minister Local Government with Secretary Local Government, DG KDA, Member LU and others to collect land vacated from the land grabbers and recommend for their legal use. “If this is not done the land grabbing would emerge again,” he said and he also directed the committee to resolve all land issues of SSWMA.

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