(National): Post COVID scenario paved way for working with different global universities

Karachi:Mathematics Department of Sir Syed University in collaboration with the Mathematics Department of Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan organized e-seminar on Frontiers in Mathematics.

Addressing the seminar, Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Hamzagha Orujov, Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan said that Pakistan was one of the first countries who recognized the independence of Azerbaijan and today, principal position of Pakistan government on the Karabakh conflict has taken a great sympathy of our nation.

Emphasizing on cementing the bilateral ties between the two academic institutions in the field of science and research, he asked to expand cooperation between Azerbaijan and Pakistan State on international level to boost cultural, economic and mutual relations.

“I feel proud of holding this seminar by the mathematics departments of the two prestigious universities and wish to extend the collaboration for the promotion of academic and research activities to other departments of the universities as well, Vice Reactor, Prof. Dr. Hamzagha Orujov added.”

Appreciating the efforts of organizing committee, researcher scholars and others for holding the seminar, Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin, Vice Chancellor Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) said, “This seminar is an effective joint venture to explore frontiers in mathematics. Applied sciences like mathematics plays a significant role in the academic disciplines of engineering and technology. Today’s discussion will indeed go a long way in exploring new frontiers in mathematics especially in terms of its applications using technology.”

He pointed out, “Sir Syed University is known for providing quality education and playing a leading role as university of engineering and technology in Pakistan. We are making efforts towards national, social and economic development through creating alliances and partnerships between academia and industry focusing on innovation, research and commercialization with the deep sense of social responsibility.

Researchers from Sir Syed University regularly participate in the national and international conferences and they read papers, which receive appreciation. Today’s event is quite relevant in terms of creating global network for partnership in promoting the cause of quality education and research.”

He said, “Post COVID scenario paved way for working with different global universities to find out the solutions of the issues that emerged during this period. Mathematicians can join hands with the researchers to model what’s happening around us.”

Summing up his views, he said, “The two universities will continue their collaboration in the areas of research and joint publications since there is a number of other avenues to explore different things. Apart from mathematics, we intend to participate in different forums and collaborate with other academic departments of the universities. Both the universities has a common role of promoting science and technology and to produce the personnel, who will lead the world in these different fields.”

Later on, Prof. Dr. Rakib Efendiev, who is the professor of mathematics at Baku Engineering University of Azerbaijan, presented his research paper on “Spectral analysis of one class non-self adjoint operators on graph with multi-cycles”. While Prof. Dr. Rashid Kamal Ansari of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology presented his paper on “Some functors and their role in Classification of Modules”.

Ingila Rahim of SSUET Mathematics department organized and conducted the event, while Suheyla Bahlulzade from Azerbaijan was the coordinator of the seminar. She is associated with the Mathematics Department, Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan.