KARACHI:The National Under-23 Football Championship will be held in Abbottabad in July this year, where all the provincial and regional teams are expected to participate.

Following this event, decisions will be taken upon the preparations of Pakistan Premiere League where Pakistan’s ‘A’ Division Departmental and Club teams participating. At the end of the league, seminars and training sessions for coaches, referees and match commissioners will be initiated.

The decision was taken in PFF Executive Committee meeting chaired by the President Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah at PFF Headquarters in Lahore. PFF officials have also decided to hold Intercity Under-19 Football league with all departmental, provincial and regional teams featuring in the event.

Meanwhile, the federation also decided to hold professional Pakistan Football League in December 2021. The Executive Committee PFF has approved the roadmap for the elections for the term 2022-26

The Executive Committee unanimously agreed that the provincial and district football associations have completed their terms. Furthermore, PFF has also called for the nominations for Chairman, Deputy Chairman and members of the Standing Committee.

FIFA has recently suspended Pakistan membership after the last elected body of the federation took over the headquarters forcibly accusing FIFA imposed Normalization Committee for their lack of sincerity to hold federations, which was their main mandate.