(National): Zong 4G extends support to Bint-e-Fatima Old Home Karachi

Islamabad:As part of its CSR efforts to support the marginalized strata of society in rain and flood-hit Karachi, country’s leading cellular and digital services provider, Zong 4G, has extended support to the Bint-e-Fatima Foundation (BFF) old home.

Being the sole source of sustenance for the elderly, Bint-e-Fatima old home is always in need of support and during these unprecedented rains, even more so. “We are grateful to Zong 4G for their support in this time of crisis as it’s this kind of generosity that fuels our organization and empowers us to sustain the lives of the elderly that are in our care,” said Asad Ali of Bint-e-Fatima old home. “We appreciate Zong for this kind gesture and hope that other organizations will follow Zong 4G’s footsteps,” he added.

“As an organization that places a huge emphasis on the well-being of the underprivileged echelons of the society, Zong 4G has always stepped forward to help the people in their times of need,” Zong 4G’s spokesperson said. “We’re pleased to have partnered with Bint-e-Fatima Old Age homes and are glad to have a chance to help these elderly people during this unprecedented monsoon spell which has wreaked havoc in Karachi and its surroundings,” he added.

Bint-e-Fatima Foundation is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization providing shelter to the senior citizens and Gender-based Violence Survivors (Women with accompanied children and Girls) of society. Registered with the government of Pakistan under the deed of Foundation, BFF was established to care for the homeless elderly and neglected senior citizens who have no personal support or have been living on their own.

Besides being a leading connectivity partner for Pakistanis, Zong 4G also leads corporate social responsibility and the partnership with BFF is a testament to that commitment. The company hopes that its support will help BFF survive the crisis of urban flooding that Karachi and other parts of Sindh have recently faced.

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