Naundero: Residents of Naundero took out a large rally here on Wednesday against increased incidents of lawlessness, thefts and non-recovery of stolen material of tailor master Zulfiqar Channo. The rally was participated by activists of Tailor Master Association, PPP-SB, JUI-F, Functional League, PTI, Qomi Awami Tahreek, Shaheri Action Committee and others.


The rally started from the municipal committee and culminated at the local press club. The participants shouted slogans while holding large placards in their hands against police failure to curb crimes and recover looted and stolen material of various citizens. The participants included Zulfiqar Channo, Manzoor Mirani, Javed Narejo, Nasim Mangnejo, Amanullah Bhutto and others.


They said that 10 tola golden ornaments, two mobile phones and one lac rupees cash were stolen from the house of Zulfiqar Channo a month ago but police have so far failed to recover the money and arrest the accused. They said that one thief was arrested but was allowed to go home after extortion which is unjust. They alleged that a buffalo was also stolen belonging to an influential man which was recovered within two days but poor residents continue to suffer for negligence and incompetence of local police officials. They alleged that DSP Shahjahan Shah and SHO Shahid Memon have political backing and their attitude with local people is disrespectful and unbearable. They said the citizens have been left at the mercy of these corrupt police officers, thieves, criminals and outlaws but nobody has taken any notice which is really astonishing.


They appealed to IGP Sindh, DIGP and SSP Larkana to take notice of the issues confronted by people of Naundero and ensure peace, tranquility and recovery of stolen material of Zulfiqar Channo so that people could be able to live a comfortable and peaceful life.