Friday, January 27

Network of roads laid in the industrial areas: CM aide

KARACHI:Spokesperson for Sindh Government and Advisor for Law, Environment and Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the main task of any government or assembly is to legislate and enforce them, but unfortunately during the PTI government, there was no law. It is neither created nor implemented. In today’s newspaper, the Prime Minister has stated that he cannot carry out development work. On the contrary, the Sindh government is carrying out development work despite receiving less money in the NFC award.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Media Corner of Sindh Assembly today. He said that today’s meeting of the Standing Committee on Law has approved the Succession Bill, including the Amendment Bill on Drugs 2012. Making and using synthetic drugs, including cocaine and ice, has been declared a crime.

Wahab said that no matter how powerful a person is, if he is found involved in drugs, he will not be released. “There will be severe penalties for the manufacture, use and supply of drugs such as cocaine and ice. In addition, the public must support the government and identify so that we can keep our future generations away from the ill effects of drugs,” he said.

He said that unlike the federation, the Sindh Assembly was carrying out its constitutional work and soon death certificates would be obtained for the services of the NADRA which would be done in the shortest possible time.

He said that NICVD does not belong to anyone. These three hospitals have treated patients from all over Pakistan and have served the public for free with transparency. “These three hospitals were and will remain with us,” he added.

He said that the statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan has been published in the newspaper today that we cannot carry out development work while on the contrary the Sindh government is carrying out development work in Sindh despite not receiving the fixed amount from NFC. A network of roads has been laid in the industrial areas and the industrial infrastructure is being modernized.